I cleaned my room!

During my final semester of College, when I was walking up at 5am to work on homework, then crashing at 1am the next morning, I put off cleaning my room.

I do not enjoy having a messy room. To me, organization is a prerequisite to other goals. There have been cases where my life felt so out of control that I could not go another morning waking up to a mess, you’d find me vacuuming at midnight and scrubbing the bathtub at 1am.

Last week, exactly one month after graduation, I realized that my time


was still so busy, I had not sat in my room alone for more than one hour without falling asleep.

So I made a decision that this could not go on! I decided to spend extra time at home until my room was clean. It resulted in a lot of catch-up time with sleep and slow picking away at the mess.

I felt I did not have enough room, as I had smashed three years worth of apartment living into one bedroom, but really I just had too much stuff. I recycled three bags of paper and donated 4 garbage bags worth of stuff.

Then I realized I did not have a good system for organization. After ridding of stuff, and buying a bookshelf and putting my books into it (phew)–(thanks Mom for the graduation gift!)  I put everything in the middle of my room to categorize.

“It just keeps getting worse,” said my bff Julie, who sat studying on the

one cleared chair in my room. Thanks, Julie! lol. I had just barely organized when it was time to go to work again. After work, I bought six bins to categorize my stuff into for my shelf, and I bought “Wonder hangers,” I totally recommend these items. Oh, and of course a sock organizer. Finally, all my stuff was putaway. I moved some bathroom

bookshelf and library table

and kitchen items to storage, then I took down some of my temporary shelving and moved in a library table as a desk from the room next to mine. A little vacuuming and dusting and voila! My room was back! I can function again!


I can breathe again!


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One Response to I cleaned my room!

  1. kyleheaser says:

    Annie Faye! Your room was a war zone! Thanks for the entertaining blog and…. Congrats on having a clean room! Ha

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